A Systematic Approach to Planning for a Designed Industrial

To be of practical consequence there should be

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Unformatted text preview: clear whether they have been met. To be of practical consequence, there should be something that will be done differently as a result of the outcome of the experiment. This might be a change in R&D direction, a change in process, or a new experiment. Conducting an experiment constitutes an expenditure of resources for some purpose. Thus experimental objectives should not be stated PLANNING FOR A DESIGNED INDUSTRIAL 3 EXPERIMENT Pre-design Master Guide Sheet 1. Name, Organization, Title 2. Objectives 3. Relevant Background 4. Response variables “Held Constant” Factors Variables 5. Control variables 6. Factors to be “held constant” 7. Nuisance factors 8. Interactions 9. Restrictions 10. Design I preferences 11. Analysis 81 presentation 12. Responsibility lnteractlons(Tutorlal) techniques for coordination I IntercAms Taylor ser,es approxlmamn f(x,y)=ao+a,x+b,y+c,,xy+anx~+b~y2+... PI01 18 I Plot lb 13. Trial run? Figure 1. Structure of Predesign Experiment as, “To show that catalyst 214 works better than catalyst d12, if the technician adjusts the electrode voltage just right.” A better objective would be: “To quantify the efficiency difference, A, between catalysts 214 and d12 for electrode voltages 7, 8, and 9 in the ABC conversion process-and assess statistical significance (compare to 95%) and practical significance (A > 3%), perhaps economically justifying one catalyst over the other.” As Box et al. (1978, p. 15) put it (paraphrased), the statistician or other members of the experimentation team should “ensure that all interested parties agree on the objectives, agree on what criteria will determine that the objectives have been reached, and arrange that, if the objectives change, all interested parties will be made aware of that fact and will agree on the new objectives and criteria.” Even experimenters in the physical sciences-who have been trained in the scientific method-sometimes need prodding in this. Guide Sheets. The objective of the experiment can be met if the predesign planning is thorough, an appropriate design is selected, the experiment is successfully conducted, the data are analyzed correctly, and the...
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