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Micah The Prophet Dated by Judahite kings Jotham [ca. 750-735 bce], Ahaz [ca. 735-715 bce], & Hezekiah [ca. 715-687 bce] From Moresheth-gath, in the foothills of Judah, southwest of Jerusalem, near Philistine city of Gath Traditionally thought he came from among the common people; characterized as a country prophet Prophesied in the southern kingdom of Judah & had a particular interest in Samaria & Jerusalem Jer. 26:19 refers to the effect of his prophecies on Hezekiah The Book o 1.1-3.12: Oracles against Samaria & Jerusalem due to corruption of religious & political leaders o
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Unformatted text preview: o 6.1-7.7: Laments, threats, & denunciations against all classes of Israelites o 7.8-20: YHWH will show steadfast love to Israel & cover her enemies with shame Key Themes • Judgement- focuses on social issues as Amos did o 2.1-5 o 3.1-4 o 6.1-16 • Hope- future age of glory to come after judgment o 4.1-8 o 5.2-5 o 7.8-10 What to know about Micah • When did he prophesy? Ca. 740-700 bce • Where was he from? Moresheth-gath • Where did he prophesy? In Judah • How is the prophet commonly characterized or described? As a country prophet • What did he prophesy about the birthplace of Israel’s future king? It would be Bethlehem...
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