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Numbers - • Moses& Aaron disobey God Ch.20 o Moses...

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Numbers Context- Title English o From Greek and Latin o Related to the censuses, or “numberings” of the people of Israel in Ch. 1 and 26 Hebrew o “in the wilderness” o Because they refuse to enter the land at YHWH’s direction they are sentenced to 40 years of wandering “in the wilderness” Context Numbers is the fourth book of the Torah or Pentatauch The book narrates how the people of Israel move from Mount Sinai to Kadeshbarnea, refused to enter Canaan, wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, and end up on the plains of Moab waiting to move into Canaan Content Book organized around the movements of Israel o 1.1-10.10: At Sinai o 10.11-12.16: Journey from Sinai to Kadesh-barnea o 13.1-20.21: Israel at Kadesh-barnea o 20.22-21.35: Detour around Edom o 22.1-36.13: Israel on the plains of … Key Events Aaron & Miriam question Moses’ leadership- Ch.12 o Miriam stricken with leprosy, but cleansed Tribes refuse to invade Canaan after spies sent in at Kadesh-barnea- Ch.13- 14 o Must wander in wilderness 40 years
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Unformatted text preview: • Moses & Aaron disobey God- Ch.20 o Moses fails to follow instructions in providing water for people & refused entry to Canaan • Idolatry in Moab: worship of Baal @ Peor- Ch.25; Israel’s first encounter with Baalism in text. • YHWH preserves Israel from physical & spiritual threats o 21.1-3: victory in Negeb over Arad o 21.21-32: defeat of Sihon of the Amorites o 21.33-35: defeat of Og of Bashan o 22-24: Balak and Balaam Balak, king of Moab, hired Balaam, a prophet to curse Israel YHWH compelled Balaam to bless Israel 4 times • Joshua appointed as Moses’ successor- Ch.27 o Moses can’t enter Canaan because of disobedience of Ch.20 • Request of Reuben, Gad, ½ tribe of Manasseh- Ch.32 o Wanted to settle on eastern side of Jordan o Moses made a deal with them that if they would send their warriors over Jordan to help secure Canaan, after the invasion they could settle permanently to the east of the Jordan River...
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