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If you administer a drug that blocks ltp within 24

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Unformatted text preview: fear → new memory but… these memories are LABILE. If you administer a drug that blocks LTP within 24 hours of the fear conditioning, the memory will disappear source: Doyere et al., 2007 Labile Memories Propranolol: a drug that blocks a NE receptor that is important for LTP in the amygdala Source: COGS 107b Human Experiment ● Day 1: humans develop an eye-blink response to a tone (CS) paired with a shock (US) ● Day 2: propranolol is administered ○ propranolol w/ tone ○ only propranolol ○ placebo The combination of blocking the NE receptor AND bringing up the memory at the same time is what ERASED the fear response! Source: COGS 107b A Cure for PTSD ● participants still expected the shock but the wincing response was gone ● shows that these memories are separable ● this may be an effective treatment for those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder “If you c...
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