Eg deep water waves deep water vphase k vgroup gk d

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Unformatted text preview: Dispersion rel’n function depends on the wave type and medium. E.g. deep water waves: ωdeep water vphase ω ≡ k vgroup ￿ ≈ gk dω ≡ dk We’ll discuss the physical distinction between them later. Wednesday, October 9, 2013 D.A. quiz question MASS, LENGTH, TIME Want to make a velocity, using only g, lambda and maybe the density rho. Velocity has units of length over time. Lambda has units of length g has units of length over time-squared. rho has units of mass over length-cubed. The units do not allow rho to enter, since no way to cancel its mass. Velocity units can be obtained only as v∼ Wednesday, October 9, 2013 ￿ gλ ∼ ￿ g k (v2 /v1 ) = ￿ g2 λ2 /g1 λ1 Standing waves =Superposition of left + right moving wave Here, person makes right moving wave, and the B.C. at the other end reflects it back, total is standing wave A cos(kx − ω t) + A cos(kx + ω t) = 2A cos(kx) cos(ω t) To the right + To the left = “Standing” cos(a ± b) = cos a cos b ∓ sin a sin b useful trig. sin(a ± b) = sin a cos b ± cos a sin...
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