Like skipping stones on water drawing picture of

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Unformatted text preview: 12, 2013 Polarization, cont. E2 = E1 cos θ Amplitude afterwards. Angle between initial polarization of E, and the direction of polarizer slits. Amplitude before 2 I2 = I1 cos θ 1 Initially unpolarized light: I2 = I1 2 Perpendicular polarizers: Iout = 0 Perpendicular polarizers, with another non-perpendicular one in between: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Iout ￿= 0 Brewster’s law Reflected waves want to have their E parallel to the reflecting surface. Like skipping stones on water. Drawing picture of plane of incidence, E is betterreflected if it’s perpendicular to that plane. If the two angles in Snell’s law add to make a right-angle(90 degrees), the reflected light is 100% polarized (perp. to incidence plane) at this and shallower skimming angles. π n1...
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