Obadiah - leaderless& desolate land hints at some hope...

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Obadiah The Prophet No personal information in the book; traditionally believed to be from Judah Name means “YHWH’s servant”; may not be name but just a general designation for the prophet The Setting Ca. 587 BCE Vision concerns Edom o Biblical stories of conflict between Jacob & Easau in Gen. 25-36 reflect a long- o Time of oracles could be almost any period of Israelite history o Recent archaeological findings indicate Edomite intrusions into Judah’s Negeb [southern] region just before or after the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE Illustrates frustrations of oppressed Jewish community fighting for survival in a
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Unformatted text preview: leaderless & desolate land; hints at some hope for future The Message • Edom is doomed; felt secure & lofty but YHWH would bring them down • As they had gloated over Judah, Judah would gloat over them • Day of YHWH is coming; Judah would triumph; YHWH’s purpose will prevail; “the kingdom shall be YHWH’s” What to know about Obadiah • When did he prophesy? Around 587 BCE • What is the subject of the book? The judgment of Edom • Why is this book unique amond all the Old Test. Books? It is the shortest book in the OT...
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