Coordinate generation input conversion current values

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Unformatted text preview: Color Index Convert Index Clipping, Perspective, and Viewport Application EYE COORDINATES Rasteriz− ation Feedback & Selection Per−Fragment Operations Texturing, Fog, and Antialiasing Frame Buffer & Frame Buffer Control Pixels Rect Rectangle Generation Primitives Fragments Model View Matrix Stack Key to OpenGL Operations Enable/Disable (Antialiasing/Stipple) MatrixMode PushMatrix PopMatrix ClipPlane Matrix Control PolygonOffset FrontFace PolygonMode CullFace M b M−Tb LoadIdentity Polygon Polygon LoadMatrix Culling M*N N M ShadeModel POLYGONS MultMatrix Clip Planes Polygon Clipping Scale Rotate Frustum Projection Matrix Generators Ortho LINE SEGMENTS POINTS RASTER POS. Viewport Matrix Stack M M*b b Flatshading Translate Line Clipping b Point Culling b M*b (Vertex Only) M*b Polygon Mode Rasterization Enable/Disable (Antialiasing) DepthRange Polygon View Volume Clipping Line View Volume Clipping LineStipple LineWidth Divide Vertex Coordinates by w Line Segment Rasterization Apply Viewport TexParameter Enable/Disable (Antialiasing) Point View Volume Enable/Disable PointSize Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Fog TexEnv Scissor Culling...
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