Michael tao csc418 computer graphics tutorial 1

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Unformatted text preview: l Tao CSC418: Computer Graphics Tutorial 1 September 20, 2012 16 / 31 OpenGL 1.1 Fixed Pipeline State Machine EnableClientState DisableClientState The OpenGL Machine EdgeFlagPointer R TexCoordPointer ColorPointer Vertex Array Control IndexPointer NormalPointer MapGrid VertexPointer InterLeavedArrays Evaluator EvalMesh ArrayElement EvalPoint Grid Application Control DrawElements DrawArrays Map Evaluation The OpenGL® graphics system diagram, Version 1.1. Copyright © 1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved. EvalCoord Map Enable/Disable Current Edge Flag EdgeFlag Enable/Disable t 0 TexCoord2 r 0 TexCoord3 q 1 TexCoord1 TexGen OBJECT_LINEAR b TexGen EYE_LINEAR A*b A TexGen SPHERE_MAP Texture Matrix Stack TexGen Current TexCoord4 Color3 Vertices Texture Coordinates A Evaluators & Vertex Arrays 1 Enable/Disable Current Convert RGBA to float Color4 ColorMaterial RGBA Color Material Material Parameters Control index to float LightModel Light Light Parameters Enable/Disable Material Parameters Light Model Parameters Enable/Disable Clamp to [0,1] RGBA Lighting Equation Convert normal coords Normal3 Current Normal to float Vertex2 RasterPos2 Vertex3 RasterPos3 b M*b Normalize Color Index Lighting Equation w [0,2n−1] Matrix Control Enable/Disable (Lighting) 1 FrontFace M M OBJECT COORDINATES Vertex4 RasterPos4 b M*b M Lighting Mask to M 0 Primitive Assembly M−T z Texture Coordinate Generation Input Conversion & Current Values Begin/End Current...
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