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Unformatted text preview: Point Rasterization Texel Generation Current Raster Position Texture Application Fog Coverage (antialiasing) Application Pixel Ownership Test Enable/Disable Enable/Disable Alpha Test (RGBA only) Stencil Test Enable/Disable DepthFunc StencilOp StencilFunc AlphaFunc Scissor Test BlendFunc Depth Buffer Test Enable/Disable Enable/Disable LogicOp Blending (RGBA only) Dithering Logic Op RenderMode Clear Notes: 1. Commands (and constants) are shown without the gl (or GL_) prefix. 2. The following commands do not appear in this diagram: glAccum, glClearAccum, glHint, display list commands, texture object commands, commands for obtaining OpenGL state (glGet commands and glIsEnabled), and glPushAttrib and glPopAttrib. Utility library routines are not shown. 3. After their exectution, glDrawArrays and glDrawElements leave affected current values indeterminate. 4. This diagram is schematic; it may not directly correspond to any actual OpenGL implementation. Michael Tao Selection Encoding PassThrough SelectBuffe...
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