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Or electricchargeisconserved kirchhoffslaws 1

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Unformatted text preview: al current as water, see if you can come up with an analogy to Kirchoff's Current Rule in terms of household plumbing. If you have a main water line coming into your house, it will split off to service all utilities, such as sink, toilet, shower, etc. The water in all of those lines must equal the amount of water coming out of the main line, and when all the household water drains out of the house into a main line again, all the smaller lines must include as much water as the drain carries out. OR: Electric Charge is Conserved Kirchhoff’s Laws (1) Label all currents Choose any direction (2) Label +/­ for all elements R1 A + I1 - + Current goes + ⇒ ­ (for resistors) (3) Choose loop and direction Must start on wire, not element. (4) Write down voltage drops + R2 + B E1 - E2 First...
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