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Unformatted text preview: if you can come up with the analogy to Kirchoff's Voltage Rule in terms of someone walking around in the hallways and stairways and elevators of a high-rise building. If we start at the ground floor with a potential of 0, and walk around up and down stairs, take the elevator a few flights, go to the roof, parachute off, and end up back on the ground floor, our potential is still 0. Therefore, the potential difference is 0. We may have increased and decreased our potential as we traveled through the building, but we still start and end at a potential of 0. OR: The potential difference between a point and itself is zero ! Kirchoff’s Current Rule ∑I in = ∑ I out Kirchoff's Current Rule states that the sum of all currents entering any given point in a circuit must equal the sum of all currents leaving the same point. If we model electric...
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