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Unformatted text preview: the charge enclosed divided by epsilon.” “The charge enclosed in the sphere is zero, and since EdA is proportional to The q, E must also be zero. “ q, “Since this is an insulator, B is not a possible answer. Therefore, C would Since make the most sense because it incorporates all the parameters presented in this problem. C also fits the model for electric field outside an insulator, which P h y s ic s 2 1 2 Le c tu re 4 , S lid e 1 5 is very similar to Coulomb's law. “ i33 s P re flig h t 1 0 BB In which case is E at point P the biggest? A) A B) B C) the same “Case A because the negatively charged plane in the middle of Case case B cancels out the electric field produced by the left one. “ case 60 50 “Case B has 2 panels pulling it to the right even though the 3rd Case panel is pushing it to the left and in Case A, there is only 1 panel pushing to t...
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