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Unformatted text preview: z + ωt ) 2 Wave moves in –z direction +z points out of screen ­z points into screen BB Exercise Exercise An electromagnetic wave is described by: r E = ˆ 0 sin( kz + ωt ) jE BB Which of the following plots represents Bx(z) at time t = π /2ω ? (A) (B) (C ) (D) Wave moves in negative z­direction y +z points out of screen E B x ­z points into screen rr E × B points in negative z-direction r ˆ B = i ( E0 / c )sin(kz + ωt ) a t ωt = π/2 : Bx = ( E0 / c)sin(kz + π / 2) Bx = ( E0 / c ){sin kz cos(π / 2) + cos kz sin(π / 2)} Bx = ( E0 / c) cos( kz ) Exercise Exercise A certain unnamed physics professor was arrested for running a stoplight. He said the light was green. A pedestian said it was red. The professor t...
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