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Unformatted text preview: ght 6 T h e d ra wing b e lo w s h o ws th e to p vie w o f two inte rc o nne c te d c h a m b e rs . Ea c h c h a m b e r h a s a uniq ue m a g ne tic fie ld . A p o s itive ly c h a rg e d p a rtic le is fire d into c h a m b e r 1 , a nd o b s e rve d to fo llo w th e d a s h e d p a th s h o wn in th e fig ure . BB r rr F = qv × B 50 40 qv 30 . B 20 F 10 0 34 Preflight 8 The drawing below shows the top view of two interconnected chambers. Each chamber has a unique magnetic field. A positively charged particle is fired into chamber 1, and observed to follow the dashed path shown in the figure. Observation: R2 > R1 70 60 50 mv R= qB 36 B1 < B2 40 30 20 10 0 Calculation Calculation A particle of charge q and mass m is accelerated from rest by an electric field E through a distance d and enters and exits a region containing a constant magnetic field B at the points shown. q,m Assume q,m,E,d, and x0 are known. x0/2 exits here XXXXXXXXX X X X X X X X X X x0 XXXXXXXXX d XXXXXXXXX enters here B B What is B? E • Conceptual Analysis – What do we need to know t...
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