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Unformatted text preview: end in (go into) – charges • B field lines have no beginning or end • No such thing as a “magnetic charge” has been found (called “magnetic monopole”). Magnets come with N and S poles together and a N­pole or S­ pole cannot be isolated. • Notation: “X” denotes into the page, “•” denotes out of the page. 14 Cross Product Review • Cross Product different from Dot Product – A● is a scalar; A x B is a vector B – A● proportional to the component of B parallel to A B – A x B proportional to the component of B perpendicular to A • Definition of A x B – Magnitude: ABsinθ – Direction: perpendicular to plane defined by A and B with sense given by right­hand­rule 16 Remembering Directions: The Right Hand Rule r rr F = qv × B y x F B qv 17 z P re flig h t 2 Three points are arranged in a uniform magnetic field. The B fie ld p o ints into th e s c re e n. 1) A positively charged particle is located at point A and is stationary. The direction of the magnetic force on the particle is: r rr F = qv × B The part...
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