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F imageis imageis virtual upright smaller image

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Unformatted text preview: mage is: image is: real inverted same size f image 2f S’ S f 111 += S S′ f S′ M =− S image is: real inverted bigger 2f > S > f object 2f f image f S’ S f > S > 0 rays no longer meet in front of the mirror object f f S but theydo meet behind the mirror image (virtual) 111 += S S′ f S′ M =− S image is: image is: virtual upright bigger f > S > 0 object f f S image (virtual) S’<0 Convex: Consider the case where the shape of the mirror is such that light rays parallel Convex: to the axis of the mirror are all “focused” to a common spot a distance f behind the mirror: f S > 0 111 += S S′ f image is: image is: virtual upright smaller image (virtual) object object f<0 S>0 S’<0 Executive Summary – Mirrors & Lenses: Executive Summary – Mirrors & Lenses: S > 2f 2f > S > f f > S > 0 S > 0 real inverted smaller real real inverted bigger c o nc ave ( c o nve r g ing ) 111 += S S′ f virtual virtual upright bigger virtual upright smaller c o nve r g ing f f S′ M =− S c o nve x ( d ive r g ing ) f d ive r g ing f It’s always the same: It’s always the same: 111 += S S′ f S′ M =...
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