Or inverted or upright or inverted always upright

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Unformatted text preview: S You just have to keep the signs straight: s’ is positive for a real image f is positive when it can produce a real image Lens sign conventions S: positive if object is “upstream” of lens S’ : positive if image is “downstream” of lens f: positive if converging lens Mirrors sign conventions S: positive if object is “upstream” of mirror S’ : positive if image is “upstream” of mirror f: positive if converging mirror (concave) Summary Table Convex Converging Lens Concave Converging Mirror Concave Diverging Lens Convex Diverging Mirror f + + – – Image Real or Virtual Real or Virtual Always Virtual Always Virtual Sign of S’ + or – + or – Always – Always – Magnifica tion Larger or Smaller Larger or Smaller Always Smaller Always Smaller Sign of M + or – Upright or Inverted + or – Upright or Inverted Always + Upright Always + Upright Preflight 2 B...
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