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Zechariah The Prophet No Personal information other than that he was the son of Bereciah, the son of Iddo From priest family according to Neh Contemporary of Haggai The Setting The oracles in ch.1-8 are dated in 520-518 BCE; setting same as for Haggai The oracles in ch.9-14 are undated; mention of Greece in 9.13 spawns suggestions of a later composition Immediate purpose was to spur lethargic religious spirit of the people to rebuild the
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Unformatted text preview: Temple and fully restore worship to Jerusalem which would lead to blessing & victory of an ideal age What to know about Zechariah • When did he prophesy? Preophecies that can be dated are dated to 520-518 BCE • What are the subjects/ themes of his prophecy? Rebuilding of the Temple, defeat of Judah’s enemies, & the coming messianic age; sought to encourage returning exiles living in difficult times with visions of victory...
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