Professional Writing Questionnaire Created by Team Assignment

How so 10 are you satisfied with the information you

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Unformatted text preview: If not, please list some suggestions as to how we could improve the document. 9. Is this information relevant to you? How so? 10. Are you satisfied with the information you received after reading this document? Please use the following space for further commentary. Ellen Pearl, Dillon Nagey, Caitlin Rose Professional Writing Prototype Questionnaire 1. Does this prototype give you a good idea of what the final document will look like? 2. Is the layout of this prototype clear and concise? If not, what is unclear? 3. Does the amount of images our prototype offers serve as a distraction or a helpful tool? Explain your reasoning. 4. Does the general outline seem logical? If not, what suggestions can you make for further improvement? 5. Are the questions within each section relevant to the information provided? 6. Do the lists and bullets of this document serve as visual aids? 7. Are there any important aspects pertaining to this subject, that the prototype fails to discuss? If so, what are these aspects? 8. What are some suggestions you can provide, regarding improvement on our prototype’s design? 9. Was this prototype easy to navigate? If not, what confused you? 10. Based on what you’ve seen in the prototype, what do you think will be the strongest elements of our documents? What elements will be the weakest? You may also use the following space to provide further commentary....
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