Professional Writing Assignment #1 Paper

As i was contrasting these two memos i began to

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Unformatted text preview: comes to the analyzing of these two memos. Considering the organization settings overall, both are clear and concise in their chosen displays. While the purpose of ensuring one’s audience would most likely require a more formal and “inside” format, the task of answering questions could be better conveyed in a more condensed and blunt “outside” format. Therefore, it is clear why Boisjoly and Russell chose the forms that they did. Each of these writers theorized which way was best suited to organize their messages, allowing them to adapt of the nature of professional writing. Successful, persuasive writing also is intended to be interactive and adaptable. Using multiple pathos appeals, Boisjoly created a vulnerable environment for his audience: once his audience could adapt to the seriousness of this memo, his purpose to ensure was achieved. For Russell, the question and answer display of his memo enhanced the feel of a personal interaction with his audience. An understanding of ethics can occur after comparing and contrasting these two memos: By admitting mistakes (Boisjoly) and addressing asked questions (Russell), these memos, though different forms, prove the engineers to be individuals of moral principle. As I was contrasting these two memos, I began to develop and even firmer grasp on the process of analyzing rhetorical situations. Comparing and contrasting these memos helped me to believe that I will be able...
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