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Professional Writing Assignment #1 Paper

In russells case however pathos was not necessarily

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Unformatted text preview: honest and real fear” and “number one priority.”). Admission of his own fear connected to the audience on a more personal level and most likely increased their trust. Pathos appeals were also used to enhance the drama lying within the described erosion problem: “The result would be a catastrophe of the highest order ­ loss of a human life” (Boisjolyiv). The acknowledgement of this situation being life or death immediately presents seriousness and especially catches the concern of the audience. Without pathos, essentially, this memo would hardly be able to assume its purpose of ensuring. In Russell’s case, however, pathos was not necessarily the most required rhetorical appeal. Yes, pathos still was included within Russell’s far briefer memo, as phrases such as “no reason to suspect” and “very high probability” were used to admit slight humility and the possibility of failing to answer Thomas’ questions. The purpose of Russell’s memo, however, required more logos appeals; for logic is what is going to guarantee the Manager that his questions are in fact, being answered correctly. Specifically, the seemingly step ­by ­step observations expressed in Russell’s first answer were a significant logos appeal: “At 100°F the O ­ring maintained contact. At 75°F the O ­ring lost contact for 2.4 seconds. At 50°F the O ­ring did not re ­establish contact in ten minutes at which time the test was terminated. The conclusion is that secondary sealing capability in the SRM field joint cannot be guaranteed” (Russellv). The preciseness of these observations appear as logical right away, as this short excerpt display’s the author’s carful research. These connecting observations, leading to an overall conclusion regarding the secondary seal, expresses order: with this, Russell...
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