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Professional Writing Assignment #1 Paper

Russell also uses ethos to prove his understanding of

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Unformatted text preview: appeals to reason and logic, most likely impressing his audience. Logos appeals applied to Russell’s memo, what pathos appeals applied to Boisjoly’s. Yet, despite their main difference in those rhetorical appeals, both memos compared in consistent amounts of ethos appeals. Both of these MTI engineers made efforts to prove themselves as authoritative employees and men of good character. Take, for example, Boisjoly’s offering of his own opinion in the second to last paragraph: by opening this statement with “in my opinion,” Boisjoly does not assume he is correct and he is entailing that his relationship with his audience, is one genuine enough to contribute his own thoughts toward. Also, Boisjoly, uses the word “essentially” in the second to last paragraph: this proved to be an ethos appeal because the term was used to simplify a previously spoken concept, therefore, seeking to eliminate kind of confusion/miscommunication. Russell also uses ethos to prove his understanding of the rhetor ­audience relationship at hand: he opens the memo with “Per your request” and closes it with “Please call me or Mr. Robert Boisjoly if you have any additional questions concerning this issue.” Excerpts such as these were what proved Russell’s comprehension of Thomas’ higher position; meanwhile, Russell still remained authoritative in his own work. With clear displays of authority and good character, both of these memos greatly benefited from their use of ethos appeals. 6, September, 2012 Caitlin L. Rose Professor Laurence José Professional Writing 3 Professional Writing and Rhetoric author, Tim Peeples once stated, that “Professional writing is a rhetorical act that requires the writer to theorize within a wide variety of rhetorical situations.” This quote holds true when it...
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