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In order to be considered financially stable students

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Unformatted text preview: pplicants (TOEFL), students will most likely be able to speak English and hold basic conversations with their American colleagues. − In order to be considered financially stable, students will be expected to prove possession of a VISA for at least one year. − A general distribution of gender and country (to be further researched). Overall intrigue will attract these international students to American colleges, such as GVSU. These students will be looking to transition to a new environment with American peers. Therefore, it is important that our document works to appeal to a variety of countries and cultures. It is important that this document contains as much clarity as possible: − It is to be written in a language all of the students can understand. Our document must ensure our audience that their transition to GVSU will be one that is comfortable and safe. Perhaps research could be done to collect direc...
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