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Sources such as the websites for the padnos

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Unformatted text preview: put ourselves in the perspective of our primary audience: by looking through the eyes of international students, we were able to produce a document that would be clear, concise and easy for them to understand. Sources such as the websites for the Padnos International Center and International Admissions further contributed to our understanding of the international students. Once we decided which four complexes on 48th street to discuss, we researched each website: these included the web pages for Meadows Crossing Apartments, Campus West Apartments, 48 West Apartments and Copper Beech Townhomes. By thoroughly studying everything these apartments offered, we gained the ability to explain them and compare them for our audience in an unbiased manner. In addition to all of our in ­depth research, the textbook for this course, titled Technical Communications Today, was a source that we referred to throughout the entire documentation creating process. We especially referred to the textbook’s five principles of design: this information helped us to present our work in a balanced and aligned layout, with contrast, consistency and grouped ideas. Collaboration: At the beginning of our research, each group member collected information that was eventually combined into one collaborative analysis. Through group meetings outside of class, we compli...
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