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Professional Writing Individual Assesment Memo

Throughout his work he would ask ellen and i for

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Unformatted text preview: ed each of our ideas together to produce the task analysis, the prototype and the usability testing. Through visits to the lab an hour before each class period, we started to do separate portions of the project: • Using the prototype layout, collected research from the apartment websites and our classmates’ commentary on the usability testing, Dillon designed the document on Microsoft Publisher. Throughout his work, he would ask Ellen and I for advice on layout choices and design techniques. The design principles emphasized in the book were referred to consistently as Dillon produced this document. • Ellen created the cover letter for International Admissions Advisor, Kate Stoetzner, using all of the printed and edited copies that out project consisted of (the analyses, the testing, etc.). After receiving feedback on the rough draft of this letter (through emailing with you), Ellen further perfected the letter and constructed a piece that gave a strong overview of everything the group has done. • Meanwhile, I created the final report. I did this by using every single element that went into this project: I referred to the user analysis, task analysis, prototype, and usability testing. I also referred to all of the research that contributed to this document. I did my best to describe the background information and methodology of this document. I discussed the results of every task and testing, and concluded the report with an explanation of what our group learned throughout this entire process. I composed a rough draft and sent it to Ellen, for her to email to you for feedback, along with her cover letter. Due to your excellent help, I was able to alter the document and enhance its content. I referred to the online directions regarding the final report constantly; I made certain that I was following the correct layout and outline. Our group met numerous times at the Zumberg Library, the Meadows Crossing Study Lounge, Fuel, and the Henry Hall Computer Lab, to work on this document. In my opinion, our group was quite strong not only in our efforts, but in our communication. We were more than able to distribute work equally, except each other ideas and collaborate our research. I feel that we worked fantastically together, as we supported each other throughout the entire documentation process....
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