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Image 1 i explain in the resource that there are many

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Unformatted text preview:  points are assigned using indent and bullets, the colors in the images contrast with black text and the consistency of headings is presented through the entire document. Meanwhile, the resource uses images to engage the members of my audience: not only do the images I have chosen enhance the layout of this resource, but also, each of them is meaningful to the resource’s purpose. • Image #1 I explain in the resource, that there are many ways to communicate through a crisis: whatever form one uses to communicate, however, must be effective. The first of my two images included in the resource, was originally displayed in my pubic relations textbook, titled, Think: Public Relations: This image is a web diagram that offers many pieces of advice regarding the process of communicating through a crisis. My resource interprets this image, using techniques and strategies in professi...
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