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Throughout the whole resource i seek to convey all of

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Unformatted text preview: ing this topic with my audience. By defining a crisis and explaining the organizations in which it can occur, my introduction contributes to the audience’s knowledge regarding the over context (The context being a crisis situation). Throughout the whole resource, I seek to convey all of the rhetorical appeals. For example: the way in which I write this document is not too conversational, yet is avoids complicated terminology. This elimination of jargon is intended to help the audience better understand the content of the document, therefore, exuding pathos. An example of ethos in this piece would be the variety of sources within this document, enhancing my credibility as the rhetor. Statistics within some of these sources helps to provide logos appeals to my audience as well. Stylistic Elements I made certain that my resource followed the 5 Principles of design: the balance of text and images is equally weighed throughout these pages, main points and sub ­...
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