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By reading the content i was able to understand

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Unformatted text preview: ctor. With immense effort and cooperation from corporations and consumers, it was surprising to read that philanthropy was once believed to have no place in a business enterprise: by watching the success of corporate philanthropy and corporate community relations, it is clear that they are a business that achieves their goals by building interpersonal and public relationships. This article demonstrated the key ingredients to a viable community relations program. By reading the content, I was able to understand community relations through a breakdown of three elements. One is to build sustainable and ongoing relationships, which I feel should be a priority of any program involved in the public relations field. The focus on community support was the second element discussed, which showed me that responding to community concerns “strengthens the community’s quality of life” (Hall, 4). Finally, this article offered the equality of corporate citizenship activities and legitimate business activities: this further concluded that the old view of philanthropy having no place in business enterprise to be highly inac...
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