COM 320 Reaction Paper #5

So often the process of communication is overlooked it

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Unformatted text preview: I was eager to further engage in the effect that interpersonal communication and the conceptual model have in any given organization. So often, the process of communication is overlooked: it is important to recognize, as this article does, that proper communication within any organization is “linked to higher levels of performance and service,” causing members to become “grounded in organizational relationships”(294). This lead me to believe that this ‘conceptual model’ previously discussed would improve communication, thereby enhancing any organization’s performances, services and relationships. Reading on, it was refreshing to note the present use of communication assessments that began in the 70’s, such as the Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) and the Organizational Communication Scale (OCS). Because new media advances often interfere with basic communication today, it is excellent to see that assessmen...
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