COM 320 Reaction Paper #5

The article later on also mentions that 42 of

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Unformatted text preview: t tools initiated before the boom of new technology are still practiced. The results of these assessments were quite interesting: particularly, the result which revealed that 25% of “employees say that their manager rarely or never makes them feel their work counts” (295). The article later on also mentions that 42% of employees say that they are not kept very well informed about what is going on in their organization. Yes, hierarchy is automatically associated with any organization, with the managerial roles rising above employees: however, this does not excuse the drastic lack of communication between managers and employees in organizations today. It is astounding to me, that organizations would assume they could be successful if information is not being discussed interpersonally: from what I had always understood, success depends not only on the consumer’s happiness, b...
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