COM 320 Reaction Paper #2

Especially considering the truth that ethical

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Unformatted text preview: ations professional directly interacts” (221). This is quite logical to me: if organizational conscience contributes to a public relation professional’s ability to raise concerns when potential issues occur for his or her organization, it is quite an essential role! Especially, considering the truth that ethical problems, leading to un ­settling consequences, are likely in the field of public relations. After all, how could companies compete with each other on a level of ethic, if no problems occurred? Thus, obtaining organizational conscience will ignite the ability to minimize the amount of potential ethical crisis situations that may happen. Once recognizing the immense positivity this role offers, it completely shocked me that it is not always embraced among various organizations. On the other hand, legalism rationale and convictional rationale do propose valid points: I agree that in any profession, one should simply follow the l...
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