COM 320 Reaction Paper #2

Further into the reading however a greater

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Unformatted text preview: was this role of organizational conscience promised to be so complex near the end of Neill and Drumwright’s introductory paragraph? Further into the reading, however, a greater understanding developed: not only were there multiple types of conscience, but, the element of ethics was absolutely crucial to consider, as it created depth within the meaning of this role. Soon, I would realize that an advanced comprehension of ethics would further emphasize the importance of the organizational conscience role in a public relations profession. The identification of each conscience (social, public, ethical, corporate and organization) was given, followed by a connection between public and organizational types. Organizational conscience was described in a way that was clearer to me, when the article stated that it included the elements of “’public conscience plus organizational actions or decisions that extend beyond the publics with whom a public rel...
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