COM 320 Reaction Paper #2

It was quite shocking to read on and discover that

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Unformatted text preview: go hand in hand. One other passage of this article that was eye opening for me was the concept of dual loyalty: again, an aspect that is expected of public relations is proven to be more intricate than I had anticipated. The struggle of maintaining loyalty with one’s employer, organization and public is a true test of ethics. What may be right for an employer could be disapproved by the public, and vice versa: I compared both of the scenarios and questioned which would be right for the representation of the organization itself. It was quite shocking to read on and discover that between the two sides of dual loyalty, public interest is hardly viewed as an option. How could this be, in a public relations career field? It was then that I identified why there is such a need for organizational conscience, as the literal organization of hierarchy has t...
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