COM 320 Reaction Paper #2

Reality will always trump rationale perceptions

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Unformatted text preview: aws of ethics and convey good morals consistently. Public relations professionals, specifically, should follow suggestions of the convictional rationale, which state that one must advocate and not second ­guess his or her clients. Although there is immense logic in all of these suggestions, I cannot fully accept them as excuse to pass up the opportunities that organizational conscience could provide. Reality will always trump rationale: perceptions, beliefs and values create complication and in the end, success rides on the ability for any individual or organization handle potentially ethical problems. So, ironically, those who follow rules and rationale will not be as recognized as those who do so while using organizational conscience to prevent and/or solve issues of ethics. This became, what I considered the turning point of this article: providing ethics and effective public relations, with the skills and competencies that are required of both of them,...
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