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Nonetheless displaying brand content online is a

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Unformatted text preview: s a representation of his or her brand, Facebook especially establishes a social presence. If one flaw can virally reach millions at a high speed, it will take excellent public relations tactics to bring back the professional appearance of the brand. In addition to this stress, the article also observes the way in which social media sites could possibly ignite more isolation than integration with a brand’s fans and their friends: constant response to online posts hints that these individuals are more often on the internet then they are getting physically involved in reality. I cannot help but wonder if the constant development of new social networks will cause brands to be primarily successful in online sales. Nonetheless, displaying brand content online is a great way to engage potential customers and receive immediate feedback. It was fascinating to delve into the work and research behind the advertisement seen on any Facebook Newsfeed page. It was also refreshing to notice that original marketing measures, such as TV, online, radio and print advertisements are still considered today. The figures/visuals all through this article provided clarification of the process in which certain brands seek out fans and their friends. With evidence of success for Starbucks, Bing and Southwest, I was able to comprehend the processes being discussed, using a real ­...
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