COM 320 Reaction Paper #4

What did catch me by surprise however was the way in

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Unformatted text preview: gh their profiles, social media brand impressions are now a preferred route to collecting data. Again, as one who has grown with this generation’s technological updates and observed the success of Facebook, these facts are hardly unexpected. What did catch me by surprise, however, was the way in which the article glorified the Newsfeed portion of Facebook in particular: interestingly enough, studies have shown that Facebook’s Newsfeed component has consumed more brand content “than a brand’s Fan Page itself” (40). Because this piece of information was reiterated throughout the entire article, I was able to increasingly develop an understanding toward the success within the Newsfeed page. Those who release brand content on social media sites are primarily concerned with two types of audiences: of course, as anyone could have guessed, the target audience should be the most immediate consideration when revealing the content. Yet, social media sites capture a whole new kind of desired audience: in addition to the fans of a certain brand on Facebook, the friends of these fans are just as, if not, more important to consider. When first reading this idea, I was puzzled: if the goal were to advertise a distinct brand, why would friends of the target market suddenly become essential to reach? Reading on, though, it became gradually more apparent that there is no venue that can spread the word to the target audiences’ friends, the way Facebook...
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