COM 320 Presentation Essay #3

By comprehending that there are some areas in this

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Unformatted text preview: audience: the campaign followed this public relations/marketing strategy by identifying the public and developing interactive relationships. By comprehending that there are some areas in this nation that receive attention from many tourists, the brand selected locations which received high ‘foot traffic.’ This included two separate event holdings in Times Square, events in Tornado and events in London. By choosing areas that could evidentially gain more costumer relations, this campaign’s tactics in regard to gaining audience connections were quite effective. The events that were held in these locations included the display of suspended, large, frozen boxes with swimsuits frozen inside, strategically decorating an area next to the Beach on Wheels location in Time Square. These locations were also experiencing the campaign’s events in their winter months, as the headlining statement for the “Defrost Your Swimsuit” activities read, “Goodbye Chilly, Hello Sunny: your sunny beach escape awaits.” There was even a smart ­phone application dedicated to the “Defrost Your Swi...
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