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COM 320 Presentation Essay #3

Org website as well as participation in the campaign

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Unformatted text preview: msuit” event. In another unique tactic, fitting to permission marketing, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitor’s Bureau branded these ice scrapers and additional handouts with scan tags: the scan tags were connected to an online sweepstakes, which would increase the number of those viewing the Sunny.org website as well as participation in the campaign, through the sweepstakes; this sweepstakes, included a chance to win a free beach getaway at the W Fort Lauderdale, with a dinner at Steak 954 Restaurant and a Bliss Spa treatment. Again, this allowed the consumers to get involved by choice, providing them with more power. Continuing to follow the criteria of permission marketing, certain strategies were incorporated to create sovereignty and success for the brand by giving the consumers more power. By applying the strategy of increasing brand awareness through social media, the campaign scheduled posts on their Twitter and Facebook pages, before, during and after the campaign’s various activitie...
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