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Unformatted text preview: o register your invention, send it to yourself in the mail (because it gets stamped by the federal government) Cannot copyright general ideas only the exact expression of those ideas Right to copy and sell It lasts (in Canada): 50 years post-mortem of the author In USA and EU: 70 years post-mortem of the author Generally copyrights are not renewable, but this is changing thanks to Hollywood o Disney (corporation) creating a product they can’t die so that’s an issue After copyright expires, it becomes public domain (anyone can copy it) o IP makes a huge difference in the price of a good Easy to prove violation with copyright Internationally, it is very hard to collect money for other people using your copyright o Major issue in international trade o China bootlegging movies and Hollywood hates it because of all the money they use to make their movies When we talk about IP, we are only talking about the developed world 2) Trademark: mark of trade (colour, word, title, font, jingle, distinctive packaging) all about branding - Relentless attempt to psychology conditioning (whenever you see a certain colour you think about a certain product i.e. a can of Coke) - Must register your trademark with IPO or CIPO - Originalit...
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