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E a can of coke must register your trademark with ipo

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Unformatted text preview: y is required - Trademark lasts for as long as owners use it - Easy to prove violation of the trademark (if someone else uses the trademark, you can sue) 3) Patent: engineered products (concrete goods, or process for making the good, pharma/drug--huge field, software gaming) – high risk, high reward - Originality is required - Materially difference from the state-of-the-art - Must register for it and it is very expensive and difficult to do so CIPO & IPO - If granted registration, a 20 year monopoly to sell the invention (upside) - Downside: cost of getting it, if granted, everything about your patent becomes public knowledge - Why? To encourage further innovation BUT if competitor can come up with substitutable good (that is materially different), your patent is worthless - Really expensive, so people are starting to move to copyright because it is much easier to attain - Hard to prove violation (i.e. The Social Network - Facebook) - WHAT ABOUT: products being invented by an employee but on company times with company resources? o Depends on the company o Generally, company owns it unless a contract...
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