Intellectual Property - Study Notes

O depends on the company o generally company owns it

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Unformatted text preview: says other-wise Advance vs. Royalties (relevant here) - Patent Pending – just a threat (a company marking their territory) means nothing 4) Trade Secret: try to keep everything about the good from the public knowledge Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - No originality required (because it is kept secret) Makeup companies usually use trade secret Coca Cola is trade secreted too Benefit: it lasts as long as you can keep it secret There is no public disclosure There is no expensive patent lawyers The costs of the trade secret are keeping secret Ways of keeping it secret: o Segment production process (badged environment) o Handful of people know everything about the product (all have the same profile) CEOS of Coca Cola – All the same profiles (worked there for a long time) o Contractual restraints mandating non-disclosure trade secrets (just a threat) Geographical restrictions Silicon Valley – San Jose area o Rewarding your employees: giving them stock, advanced royalty for the inventors 5) Industrial Design & Circuit Topography: protects the overall aesthetic of a product (that’s what you get to own) - Closest to copyright - Register with CIPO - You get 10 years to use it furniture, consumer staples - Circuits for computers...
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