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O two examples 1 alternative energy 2 pharmaceuticals

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Unformatted text preview: lternative energy 2) pharmaceuticals o 1) Oil and gas companies own all of the alternative energy Unintended, perverse consequence of I.P system Oil and gas buy ownership the inventor’s invention for a sum of money Alternative energy can be used for future generations, but because the oil and gas companies own the patents, they do nothing with the energy o 2) Patents give companies a 20 year monopoly of exclusive ownership Pharmacy companies can set whatever price they want for a certain drug What if it is a crucial drug? (HIV/AIDS) raises international concern The fact that the drug has been patented, people in Africa can’t get access to the drug for HIV/AIDS because its too expensive BUT pharmaceutical companies are scared to even put it into the African market because they don’t have IP laws, so other people can go into Africa and buy the drug and recreate a new product Tuesday, February 28, 2012 5 KINDS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION 1) - - Copyright: right to copy and sell something Originality is required (must not have existed before) Must inhere in any original creation; therefore, you must not register it There are advantages to registering it – issues of people claiming the copyright (The Social Network) Copyright is federal issue - C.I.P.O: Ottawa/I.P.O: Washington D.C. If you don’t want t...
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