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January 1986 temperature on launch pad was too low

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Unformatted text preview: nch pad was too low for Florida, and made O-rings lack in resilience…everything just exploded within minutes b. Morton Thiokol – supplier to NASA for O-Rings for Rockets Tuesday, January 24, 2012 c. Connection to whistle-blowing: Rogers Boisjoly (first corporate whistle-blower ever – MIT grad – Rocket scientist) i. He knew that how Morton Thiokol in 1985 was making O-Rings wrong and that if launch pad temperature was below 0 degrees, an explosion will happen) ii. Executive at Morton Thiokol tell him to run the date again iii. They meet with NASA and let Roger present his data and Roger says don’t launch iv. NASA people say “we are appalled” and so M.T excuse Roger from the meeting v. They ignore Roger’s evidence vi. But they still launched and that’s why the explosion happened (killing all the astronauts) d. NASA is M.T’s only profit e. Boisjoly losses his job as a result of being a whistle-blower, no one else will hire him 2) Weigand and cigarette whistle-blower a. The Insider – Russell Crowe b. Jeffery Weigand – Chemist for a tobacco company (he is an “insider”) c. His job was to manipulate levels of nicotine in cigarettes to maximize likelihood of lifelong addiction (made a lot $300k per year) d. 90’s – He quits and takes a ton of information proving what he knows about the company he works for e. He goes on “60 minutes” (new program) – and admits he is an insider and tells all f. No one hires him to be a chemist and unemployed for years his next job was grade 10 chemistry high school teacher g. He opens a door for government regulations (opens the door for the public) 3) Oliviert and drug testing DeGeorge’s Criteria for Whistle-Blowing: - Permissible if: o Seeks to prevent serious harm o One informs one’s superior to no effect o One exhaust all internal appeals...
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