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Dsc 199 10/2/06 Jessup 9/10 businesses will be out of business in 1 year Better, Faster, Cheaper (Pick Two) IS- used for total quality management o Total quality management- good product all along the way NO defects Plan for Future a) Strategic Advantage 1) Low Cost manufacturing- cut middleman 2) Branding 3) Low cost in market 4) Competetive advantage a) Best product (quality) b) Best customer service c) Lower Cost d) Proprietary manufacturing technology e) Short lead time- first to market I) 3 Basic Decision Factors (Michael Porter)
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Unformatted text preview: A) Faith B) Fear – not a good decision C) Facts - Quantatative II) 5 Basic Forces A) Rivarlry B) New Entrance C) Customer bargaining D) Supplier bargaining E) Substitute products Chapter 6- HTML I) html created by us defense department A) Anderson? – junior in college creates mosaic --- turns to netscape B) Bill and Paul took the quick and dirty page and turned it into DOS. C) Also took pathfinder—changed to my computer D) Took Netscape---- Internet explorer...
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