Initializexminandmax usingaknownvaluethefirst

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Unformatted text preview: willberequired todemonstrateyourprogramusingatestfunction providedinclassonthedatedeliveryisdue. Input Process Output a thestartpoint Initializeinput variablesas doublesandint asappropriate Show the initializedinput variables b theendpoint Calculatedx thesizeofeach incrementsuchthatn*dx =b ­ a Showdx n numberof subintervalson [a,b] 1. Initializex,min,andmax usingaknownvalue ­thefirst valueontheinterval. 2. Calculatethevalueofeachx. x=a+i*dx 3. Calculatey foreachx. 4. Ify isgreaterthanmax, updatemax. 5. Ifyislessthanmin,update min. Showmin &max overtheinterval [a,b] Input/Process/Output continued Input Process Calculateascalefactor, Showsf sf,sothatthemax valuewillbeprintable ontheavailablescreen (<80columnsinthe Command prompt screen,<160columns intheEclipseconsole output) Foreach x=a+i*dx Calculate y. Forthisvalueofy graph determinethenumber ofspacestoprint.Print thatmanyspaces.Print Output Scaling m=(70 0)/(max min) Pointslopeformula:y y0 =m(x x0) x0=min,y0 =0, numCols =m(y min) FlowCharting Selection Input Decision in no Yespath Nopath Statements Sequential Oneinput Oneoutput Flowofcontrol Foll...
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