Conquest doesnt confer legitimacy 2 no power over

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Unformatted text preview: states  ­It is the fundamental rule and standard prescribing behaviour  ­Lockian international affairs  ­Lockian states are governed by the law of nature  ­might makes right 1. Conquest doesn’t confer legitimacy 2. No power over co ­conquerers (Iraq + Iran) = Iraq > Iran 3. The power over justly conquered is despotically but, rights don’t extend to property of those conquered or to lives (and property) or those not engaged 4. Power over these actually assisting, agreeing, consenting to the use of force 5. Property can be taken only to repay damages 6. children keep their property Feb 28 2012 Rousseau  ­Human nature, Christianity  by nature we are sinful  ­This nature is on display in selfish behaviour  ­Define good and evil by what draws you and what repels you  ­Hobbes we aren’t naturally evil we are selfish  ­The anarchist denies that we are naturally evil or sinful  the problem is gov  ­So get rid of government  ­R: we are not naturally evil  we are corrupted by society...
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