If this were taken seriouslyshouldnt this generate

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Unformatted text preview: n’t power corrupt?  ­ 4. Our right to preserve ourselves ­does Hobbes take this “right” seriously? If this were taken seriously ­shouldn’t this generate real protection. LOCKE  ­1632 ­1704  ­Born in England, studied at oxford  ­Letters of toleration  ­Essay concerning human understanding  ­Filmer – the main target  ­He believes in god  ­Investor in the Royal Africa Company (1672)  ­Drafted the fundamental constitution of the Carolinas The state of nature  ­The origin of government 1. 2 powers:  ­Freedom and the ability to punish a state of prefect freedom  ­A right to self preservation  limited and precludes self ­destruction  ­Punishment  ­We can execute...
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