January 24 2012 sovereign power the legitimate

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Unformatted text preview: in the state of nature? 2. Is reason really that good? 3. Are we really so greedy? Don’t we care about others? 4. Can’t we learn to cooperate? January 24 2012 Sovereign Power  ­The legitimate authority to coerce and to expect obedience  ­This legitimate authority comes about via contact  ­Mutual agreement, me + u = George Bush (seal and Heidi)  ­Conquest, we agree out of fear to yield authority to the sov  ­Control is recognised as a sign of legitimacy A. Rights of the sovereign 1. Can’t be accused of injustice 2. Direct the education of the people 3. Can’t be evicted 4. Law making 5. Peace and war making 6. Right to pick Gov agents B. The duties of the sovereign 1. Soul making  ­We should be taught laws what is just and unjust  ­But we should be taught to love and adore the sovereign  National Identity, Allegiance. C. Threats to the commonwealth 1. Seditious doctrines:  ­Absolute property rights  ­That the power of the Sovereign should be divided wrong  ­That morality or conscience are the final standards of right and  ­Paternalistic  ­The sovereign imposes it’s view of the good on us, for our benefit  ­Police state cops and watching all around  ­Nanny state The leviathan reduces us to children for the theory to work without force....
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