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2 the themes of being dedicated to something and the

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Unformatted text preview: ing “bigger” than themselves. 2) The themes of being dedicated to something and the theme of having a goal in life both resonate with me. These themes resonate with be because as a Catholic, we both believe in both God and that we should live our lives so we can one day join God in Heaven. These themes relate to my life because I need to believe in something bigger than me (God) to help me through the hard times. Also, to live a purpose filled life, I believe that Heaven is my ultimate goal. To live life treating others the way you wanted to be treated, in the end, will get you where you desire. By going to church, praying, confessing my sins, and being nice to everyone, I hope to one day go to Heaven to be with God. I also pray to a God every night. I believe he is my higher power....
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